6 tips you need to know before moving abroad

2. No delay, no decay

Getting yourself prepared for the journey much earlier will definitely help you save yourself from so many troubles. When you know from the beginning where to go, when to go, and how to go; there’s nothing that can step in your way and stop you from making the first move.

Unless it’s a major force that you can’t take responsibility for. Aside from that, sorting things out sooner than later is really worth the effort. You don’t really want to regret it when you keep procrastinating and taking desperate last-minute decisions for which you will pay the price.

No delay, no decay

So put yourself together and start calling shipping companies as soon as possible, at least four months prior to your planned move date.

When looking on a sea shipping company website, you might find yourself drowning in a sea of acronyms and abbreviations that you know nothing about! For the moment, we would like you to know at least two acronyms that we deem worth knowing at this stage of your moving plan.

3. FCL vs LCL

We are talking here specifically about FCL and LCL; and just before you start asking what do they stand for, here’s the answer:

FCL stands for Full Container Load, while LCL is the acronym for Less than Container Load. Now things become a little bit clearer. yet they need to be more clarified.


In fact, you need to know when to choose each form of shipment, and it’s not actually rocket science. If you’re willing to ship a big amount of cargo then you need to consider the FCL, so that all of your belongings get loaded into the same container which will facilitate its shipping process.

from unloading to unloading points. On the other hand, though shipping a small quantity of cargo doesn’t technically need a whole separate container, it might be more complicated in terms of the shipping process and also more expensive.

first of all, your belongings will share the room with other people’s stuff, which means more tracking vigilance and tracking effort. It also requires more attention so as to not confuse peoples’ cargo and mix it up.

Such delicateness certainly leads to higher costs. However, you still have the option of contacting a shipping company that will take care of the shipment and also will help you decide what’s best for you between FCL or LCL.

4. Think twice before choosing a shipment company

A wise customer is one who does not make the purchase at first glance. Comparing at least two offers will help you make a good decision that won’t necessarily leave you with empty pockets. When it comes to moving overseas, you will definitely have more than just two options, as you will have in front of you plenty of shipping companies with various shipping quotes.

shippment company

Since making such a decision on your own might be a difficult task, we at MoveHub have thought about it and created a short form to fill in, which will make you in touch with up to 6 companies. It is up to you then to check each company’s offers.

You need to be careful though and ask them to break down every cost, with all services included. As they say, the devil is in the details, and you definitely don’t want him to miss your moving plan or push you to pick up the worst choice. Take your time, check every offer with all its details, and then decide what you feel is best for you.

5. Pick up the best health insurance offer

It is highly recommended for immigrants have some sort of private medical care coverage, especially before moving abroad. Although the country immigrants moving to might have a sophisticated health care system, they may need such a private form of health services, as they may not have direct access to these services upon their arrival to the country (it can take a while before they become able to access it).

health insurance

To help you out sorting the best health care deal, we have partnered with Cigna in order to provide you with the latest and most accurate private medical insurance database from all around the world. With Cigna, you will definitely find the offer that best suits you.

6. Moving overseas needs good finances

Money can’t buy you happiness, yet it’ll certainly help you out moving abroad. It’s hard to imagine someone thinking to immigrate overnight without having properly planned his journey.

And the first thing to take care of is actually how to handle one’s finances. Immigrants usually transfer their savings from their home country-based bank account to their newly created account in the country they’re moving to.

good finances

Such a transfer might come at a high cost; currency exchange rates and transfer fees can take up a pretty fair share of your money, and you might even end up “broke”. The best decision to make in that case is to look up the best money transfer provider and compare all kinds of services in the money transfer/exchange market.

That’s the reason you can find all the information you need regarding money transfer providers worldwide on our website. Our financial experts will help you choose the best one among the options you have with just a click. Don’t worry, we won’t charge you a penny for that, you can click with your eyes closed and not worry about your money being transferred away. You can deal with that when you decide to.