Applying for Canada Permanent Residency (PR) in 2023

Because of its culture and high economic level, Canada became one of the world’s most common destinations for travel and immigration.

The country is very welcoming and open in terms of accepting and receiving immigrants from different countries around the world. Canada is a very safe and beautiful country.

Applying for Canada Permanent Residency (PR) in 2021

It offers many opportunities for immigrants seeking work, for students looking for sophisticated and high-quality education, for businessmen, and even for asylum seekers. And the great thing about this country is the permanent residency visa from which its holders benefit from the same rights Canadians have.

How can your application for Canada Permanent Residency Visa be successful?

As the application for Permanent Residency in Canada has become easier, the vast majority of people prefer to start the application process on their own instead of asking for the help of an immigration agency.

This can somehow be risky; because applicants may not understand how the immigration process goes, or they may miss some information.

Here are some of the problems applicants who undertake the immigration process on their own may face:

  • Insufficient knowledge of the process can cause a delay in filling out the application form, and thus, it will deprive you of several advantages.
  • Not being updated with the latest news about the migration process may result in missing out on some advantageous possibilities for the applicant.
  • Incorrect, inconvenient, or incomplete filling of the application can result in its rejection.
  • The handling of your application can be quite faster since the immigration service will be fully aware of the most recent change to your application.

Therefore, for your application to be more successful and ensure a great immigration situation, we advise you to look for a reliable and recognized immigration agency for help. This will surely help to speed up the processing of your application and finish it in good condition.

Why is it so lucrative and advantageous to have a Permanent Residency status in Canada?

Canada’s Permanent Residency status is a family visa that is granted to applicants for a period of 5 years. This official document, which is intended to specify an immigrant’s status in Canada, is very advantageous in that it offers close rights to those of Canadians.

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Free education, the right to apply for Canada citizenship (which is got after passing an exam) after 2 years of settlement in Canada, free healthcare, etc. are some reasons why Canada’s Permanent Residency status is so appealing to immigrants. The application for Canada’s Permanent Residency is usually done under the Provincial Nominee Program or the Express Entry Program.

The reasons behind applying for Canada’s Permanent Residency Status

Express Entry Program applications for Canada Permanent Residency:

The Canadian government launched the Express Entry Program in 2015 as a way to welcome professional applicants into its jurisdiction. The program is a selection method in which applicants are assessed using a point system, based on the CRS (the Comprehensive Ranking System) which evaluates personal data to decide whether or not an applicant is eligible.

Applicants who achieve the minimum CRS score set by the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) through the Express Entry Program can apply. The applicants’ points are determined according to the following parameters:

  • Education: having a higher level of education is very good for you. If you are an MA holder, for instance, you can ensure more marks. While if you have a Ph.D. degree, you can gain even more marks.
  • Adaptability: having a spouse or sibling settling in Canada can help you get additional points
  • Language: if you secure a higher score in Canada’s official language tests (CLB or IELTS for English, and TFI for French), you will increase your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score as well.
  • Work Experience: Having job experience can be very beneficial to you and can also help you with excellent CRS marks, especially since the Canadian government welcomes qualified applicants in its jurisdiction.
  • Age: generally speaking, there are no restrictions or limitations for age. However, applicants who are 18-35 years old are more favored.

PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) applications for Canada Permanent Residency:

This type of application is meant for immigrants who cannot gain good CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points which are required for applicants under the Express Entry Program. Following this selection regime, the permanent residency status is divided by specific Canadian areas where the candidates met the eligibility criteria.

The latter is not the same for all the Canadian provinces. Each province has its own requirements which candidates must meet in order to get the permanent residency status they want. The following are some of the eligibility criteria of Canada’s most well-known provinces:

  • For Saskatchewan, you need 60 points out of 100
  • For Nova Scotia, you need a 4.5 band IELTS score and that your profession be in high demand in the region
  • For Ontario, you need a score of 400 on the CRS (the Comprehensive Ranking System).