Can you travel around Canada like Canadians do?

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is full of wonderful things. Canada’s amazing nature with mesmerizing landscapes.

its diverse and delicious food, its heterogeneous customs, the politeness of the Canadian people and their hospitalization, all these things among others are what make the country one of the best tourist destinations that you will never regret visiting.

Like in all the other countries, locals are the people who know all the greatest places to visit in Canada. They know where to find the best food, where to enjoy a wonderful sunset, the most beautiful mountain places for hiking, and the quickest routes to take.

There are many fantastic ways to discover the real Canada, and having someone who can help you with that would be really great for you.

Take the following quiz and see if you can travel to Canada like a Canadian native.


Given that Canada is a very large country in which there are many road travels, which route, you think, an Ontarian would tell you to stay away from?

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Always try to avoid a 400 series highway (especially the 401 route), if you do not have to take it. This is route stretches directly across Southern Ontario, connecting Toronto and Detroit. However, bad day traffic can cause you to be stuck for hours.

Why do residents in Canada visit the Royal Ontario Museum on the 3d Monday of each month?

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Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum is one of Canada’s best museums. It contains many antiques that are worth seeing, and it is really a great spot that all the tourists should visit. Visitors to the museum need to pay an amount of money before they can get into it. However, the access is free on the third Monday of each month.

Is there a benefit to cash payment paying in Canada?

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Following the abolishment of the penny in Canada, the nickel has become the lowest Canadian denomination coin. This can be of great benefit to you if you learn how to switch between cash and plastic. For instance, you will pay only $5 for what usually costs $5.02. But bear in mind that you will probably need to pay $5.05 in cash for what costs $5.04.

What is the best Canadian place for seafood lovers?

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There are many great Canadian places where you can find the greatest seafood ever, including Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick. Yet, the East Coast is the best among them all.

Banff is a very beautiful town for ski lovers, but it’s usually very touristy. What is the less crowded ski town?

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If you are looking for a beautiful less crowded area where you can enjoy skiing freely, Lake Louise in Alberta, Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Blue Mountain in Ontario, and Kicking Horse in BC, are great choices for you.

In 2016, which place the vast majority of Canadians hit up for a cup of coffee?

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According to a survey, 92 percent of Canadians visited Tim Hortons (a Canadian restaurant) for a coffee in 2016; and most of them ordered a Double-Double which is the most common order there. It seems that Tim Horton’s popularity in Canada is not a mere cliché!

In which Canadian town you can find a world-class theater?

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The famous Stratford Festival takes place every year from spring to summer in Stratford, Ontario. Roughly 30,000 people reside in this big city, where many plays such as “Chicago” and “Hamlet” were presented at the last year’s festival.

Which Canadian place you should not visit if you do not speak French?

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Most Canadians are native-English speakers. In some big towns speaking French, you can use English without any problem. However, if you want to visit some rural places in Quebec, you will probably need to speak French. This is the best way if you want to get your staff done.

In the summer, where can you find dank, sandy beaches with high temperatures in Canada?

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Southwestern Ontario is the best place where you can find all this. With its temperature that can easily reach 37 °C (100 degrees Fahrenheit), and the beautiful beaches surrounding it, the area becomes really a tropical paradise in the summer.

What is Canada’s best province to visit for multiculturalism lovers?

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There are many multicultural places in Canada where various cultures meet, such as Greektown, and Koreatown. However, Toronto with its diverse food and heterogeneous culture is the most multicultural province in Canada, if not in the whole world.

Can you travel around Canada Like a Local?
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