Consultants for immigration vs lawyers for immigration?

In what follows, we provide you with all the necessary information you need to know, to ease and simplify your immigration process.

As you all know, you need to prepare various documents before you are finally eligible to move to a certain country. This may tire you and drives you into seeking help from a lawyer to manage the immigration procedure.

Consultants for immigration vs lawyers for immigration?

This can be a good idea to avoid any likely problems. Yet, we advise you to do it on your own, unless things are not clear for you. For instance, if you feel that something wrong goes with the process and you are not free to check it by yourself, then seeking legal help from a lawyer is highly recommended.

Also, if you are money is ready and you wish to avoid any difficulties that may confront you during the immigration process, you can ask for help from a lawyer or an immigration consultant.

Now, the question is:

What is the difference between an Immigration Consultant and an Immigration Lawyer?

An Immigration Lawyer and Immigration Consultant are both legally eligible to represent their clients during the whole immigration procedure and help them get Into Canada without less or any problems. However, they are completely distinct from each other.

Immigration Lawyers:

They must pass a bar test, after spending three years of study in the faculty of law, in order to be legally authorized lawyers. That is what makes them more experienced than the immigration consultants.

Also, these lawyers can be involved in their clients’ immigration interviews, and support their applications in the Canadian Court of Justice if any of them has a judicial issue that requires a review.

Immigration Consultants:

This group is usually not a law school graduate and does not need a bachelor’s degree to start working. However, they must have a one-year qualification to get their licenses. Also, these consultants are not legally eligible to support you in Federal Court if your case entails that. This is usually done by an Immigration Lawyer!

Check the website of the Regulatory Council for Immigration Consultants of Canada. You are going to find some of these consultants there. Note that it is valid for ICCRC search.

How can I avoid Immigration Lawyers and Consultant Scams?

While looking for an Immigration Lawyer or Immigration Consultant on the internet, you may come across many scammers whose essential aim is to steal your money and sell you unreal services. Therefore, you should be very careful dealing with such things.

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And the best solution for you to avoid such problems is to consult a trustworthy friend or family member of yours who has already benefited from the services of an Immigration Lawyer or Immigration Consultant.

Please make sure that the Immigration Lawyer or Immigration Consultant suggested by the already mentioned friend or family member is a credible one, and that he/she provides effective and high-quality services.

Financially speaking, it may always be precious to employ an Immigration Lawyer or Immigration Consultant as a millstone since it is enough and not demanding.