The most important things you should know before moving to Canada

Cold winters are typical in Canada

Bear in mind that winters are very cold in many Canadian provinces, especially in the East and the North. So, if you want to live in one of these areas, and you are not accustomed to cold and snowy weather, get ready.

Otherwise, you can consider other sunny and less cold areas such as Vancouver Island, the coast, or the Vancouver area.

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You cannot smoke in public places

Smoking is completely unlawful in many public places in Canada. Wildfires are often ignited by cigarette butts. So if you consider relocating to a rural area, keep in mind the dangers of wildfires.

You should also consider having the skill of building a safe campfire, before moving, if you are not accustomed to spending much time in the woods.

If you smoke, try always to get rid of your cigarette butts safely, to protect yourself and others from any likely risks.

Multiculturalism is one of Canada’s principles

Because of its low fertility rate and its need for skilled young workers in different sectors (industry, agriculture, healthcare, etc.), Canada receives a huge number of immigrants every year.

These immigrants came from distinct places in the world. This is what helps in Canada’s multiculturalism, with people (native Canadians as well as foreign residents) speaking various languages and having diverse cultures.

Multiculturalism is one of Canada’s principles

This is very encouraging for everyone who wants to immigrate to Canada; especially since the country is very welcoming and embraces all immigrants regardless of where they are from. Moreover, Canada was ranked second as one of the world’s best countries to settle and have a good life in, according to an international survey.

The Canadian healthcare and insurance system

Not only Canada offers a high-quality life, but it also has an excellent public healthcare and insurance system that permanent residents or long-term visa holders can benefit from.

Nonetheless, benefiting from a medical care package may probably not be free. The fees will vary depending on the province you live in.

Canada’s taxation system

There are two systems of taxes in Canada: the federal taxes system and the provincial taxes system, which are both responsible for collecting income taxes; although each one of them is meant for a different job.

Canada’s taxation system

Due to its decentralized taxation, Canada imposes taxes at few levels. So, make sure you know what you will get as a net income before you accept a job offer. The Canadian taxation system is not that complicated. So, you will normally obtain your refund easily at the end of the year, if you are entitled to it because of your tax situation or job conditions.

In Canada, sales taxes are charged at the sale point. This is why unlike what you see in a supermarket, the rates will have tax applied to them when you arrive at the cash register. In Alberta, sales taxes are about 5%, while in Quebec, they are about 15%.