The reason behind encouraging immigrants to live in Canada’s provinces?

Canada believes that the increasing number of immigrants will be of great importance to help the Canadian economy to recover from the losses that this country encounter recently the Canadian government  gives these immigrants multiple pathways to gain permanent residency in this country

Canada is planning to host about 401,000 permanent residents by the end of 2021. The Canadian government hoists many immigrants, and this later is urging those immigrants to fit the immigration targets criteria of the year. Indeed, overseas immigrants are also able to apply for Canadian immigration.

The reason behind encouraging immigrants to live in Canada’s provinces?

However, the operation and its process are more strenuous and difficult due to the border restrictions as a result of these difficulties the Canadian government has to rely only on the immigrants who live in Canada.

The reason behind encouraging immigrants

Actually, the Canadian economy in all its sectors has suffered a lot of losses due to the worldwide health crisis that was caused by the coronavirus spread, so the big gaps will be filled by the immigrants, nevertheless, the pandemic makes it more difficult to admit immigrants from overseas, especially after the foreseeing of the third wave of the pandemic by the experts.

     Many eligible immigrants that have been endorsed for the confirmation of permanent residency in March 2020 are not able to move to Canada. Permanent residents in Canada who got their Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) after March 18 in 2020 could not be exempt. In addition, non-United States permanent residents are not able to finish the immigration process.

The Canadian government is looking for a solution to the current situation which makes the immigration process more hard and difficult to accomplish, especially, when many workers lost their jobs due to quarantine and started working in a non-qualified job like food service.

The majority of Workers who are living in Canada have more chances due to their experience working in different fields. In terms of numbers, these workers have a high rate in comparison with those who do not live in Canada. They have a ratio of 8 percent to people with no Canadian experience.

The most famous way to have a permanent residence is in Canada.

 There are many programs, which help immigrants who live in Canada to get their permanent residency  

Program of the Express Entry

The Express Entry program has been holding in 2021 by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This program has been divided into categories:

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC): This program target immigrant who have at least a year of experience in Canada, these immigrants need to have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of five or seven. Besides, the candidate ought to select any province but Quebec.

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– The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):  This program is designated to give each province its own decision in terms of needs. This program is not applicable in the provinces of Quebec and Nunavut. In fact, the Provincial Nominee Program permits the provinces to fulfill the local market needs. For example, Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream uses this program to respond to provincial needs. In every period; the provincial authorities try to use this program to bring in more skilled workers.


The immigration programs in Quebec like The Quebec Experience Program which is in benefice of international students who have graduated from a post-secondary institution in the province of Quebec, not only students can profit from these programs but also temporary skilled foreign workers can apply to be a part of this program. The province of Quebec gives the international graduated student and workers who have the talent and skill the opportunity to be in this program in the condition that the participant gets the Quebec Selection Certificate by using a point system selection

Here are the streams talked about with their corresponding quotas.

  • 20,000 applications are available for healthcare workers
  • 30,000 applications are available in essential occupations
  • 40,000 applications are available for international graduates
  • Healthcare workers who speak French (no quota).
  • Workers in other essential occupations who speak French (no quota).
  • International students who speak French (no quota).

 The aforementioned candidates in the healthcare field ought to have spent one year of work in a Canadian country, and they have to be working in Canada when the time of application.

Concerning international students applying for this program ought to have received credentials after graduation after January 2017. Therefore, Canada has the intention to welcome and hoist about 90,000 new permanent residents. However, the will of the Canadian government is temporally blocked by the immigration department which has the willingness to delay the realization of this program till 2022 instead of 2021 according to CIC news.