There are plenty of opportunities in Canada!

If you are a skilled worker international student or a person who speaks French and lives in Canada, Canada is giving you opportunities in so many immigration pathways.

The IRCC which stands for the Immigration Refugees and Citizens in Canada opened its door to 90.000 workers on the 6th of May. This opportunity is open to international students who have graduated in Canada.

There are plenty of opportunities in Canada!

Moreover, there are three programs for French speakers. These new programs are for eligible people who are willing to immigrate to a Canadian land or area aside from Quebec. The Canadian federal government represents these new programs. This later has no authority to make the policy of immigration in Quebec.

opportunities in Canada!

If you are interested in more details, we are going to provide more explanations about the eligibility standards for six limited-time Canadian immigration programs in the next paragraphs.

The time is limited because it is going to initiate from now the 5th of November. There are almost 40 eligible healthcare occupations, 95 eligible occupations, and other skilled workers in so many domains such as agriculture, sailing, and architecture. The people who are going to apply for these programs are going to be given the chance to involve their family members or their partner despite the fact that they were not in Canada. The applicants should bear in mind that the people who are going to join them should fulfill the immigration conditions and the medical criteria as well.

Here are some of the general eligibility criteria for any of the six new programs:

  • International student graduates
  • Essential workers in healthcare
  • Essential workers in other occupations
  • French-speaking international student graduates
  • French-speaking essential workers in healthcare
  • French-speaking essential workers in other occupations

The graduated International students:

It is believed that in the upcoming years, Canada is going to be approved around 40.000 new international student graduates as constant residents in that country.

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In order to be eligible, it is obligatory to possess a graduation certificate from a post-secondary Designated Learning Institution (DLI) after January 2017 as well as submitting your application. Meanwhile, you have to be working in Canada. It is essential to think about another area than Quebec because if you shoe this latter, your diploma might be completed in a Designated Learning Institution

In fact, these programs have not to be less than eight months. For example, a Diploma of Vocational Studies or an Attestation of Vocational Specialization should be studied in at least 900 hours. That is to say, if the program of study is combined it would be more than 1800 hours. Therefore, if you have settled in an area in Canada, then the Canadian language would have been required in English or French. It depends on the spoken language in that area.