Top Questions about Canada’s Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Program is one of the most common immigration ways to Canada. In addition to all the documents applicants need to apply for this immigration program.

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there are some things they should make sure they are aware of while applying. In what follows, a collection of 10 most commonly asked questions about the Express Entry program with their answers is provided for you to help you have an idea about the most important things regarding this Canadian immigration program. Let’s get started!

Top Questions about Canada’s Express Entry Program

Top Questions about Canada’s Express Entry Program

Question 1: If I have an open work permit, is it possible to upload a job offer to my Express Entry profile in order to get an additional 50 points?

No, it is not. Only those who have a specific labor permit which has been issued based on a confirmed LMIA can upload a work offer to their profiles.

Question 2: How can a spousal open work permit or a post-graduate work permit holder get the extra 50 points for the LMIA approved work offer through the Express Entry program?

You can apply, along with your recruiting company,  for an LMIA approval to get a specific work permit that will allow you to upload your job offer to your profile to gain the additional 50 points.

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Question 3: Is a specific minimum fare required for the Canadian Experience Category of the Express Entry Program?

No, the program requires no minimum wage to prove your work experience in Canada. But keep in mind that the minimum working hours per week of your experience and the NOC skill level are very important.

Question 4: How the count for my Canadian labor experience will go, after creating my profile for the Express Entry Program?

Generally speaking, it will start from the last 3 years from the date you have created your Express Entry profile.

Question 5: If I’m invited to make my application based on the Canadian Experience Category of the Express Entry Program, will I have to meet the funds’ requirement?

No, that is not necessary.

Question 6: If I have a work experience in Quebec, will this count towards the eligible work experience in Canada under the Canadian Experience Class?

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Yes. Only those who want to move outside Quebec are eligible under the Express Entry System. Otherwise, they will probably need to apply via the provincial program.

Question 7: will a paid professional experience during my study stay in Canada be helpful to my profile Express Entry profile?

No. However, if you had a continuous or one-year overseas work experience in the same position while you were a student, this will surely enhance your score under the FSW Express Entry program.

Question 8: Is it necessary to have a continuous Canadian professional experience?

The last 3 years from the date you have created your Express Entry profile do not have to be continuous. However, you should meet some conditions related to part-time and full-time work. Furthermore, the FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program) may require candidates at least one year of a continuous full-time job.

Question 9: Is it possible for me to have additional work hours to ensure a full-time Canadian professional experience in a short period of time?

No, this is not allowed in Canada. The Canadian government allows you only 30 hours per week maximum.

Question 10: If I’m a recently graduated person and have worked for few days after graduation, from what date should I claim that my full-time work experience in Canada began following the Canadian Experience Class of the Express Entry Program?

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