What career suits me the best Is Right For Me?

Most people spend the majority of their time working, regardless of whether they are happy and satisfied with their jobs or not.

This free career test will surely help you discover what kind of job is more suitable for your personality, your qualifications, your lifestyle, and your preferred work conditions.  It will guide you into exploring some things about your job that you might not have been aware of before.

The test may even introduce you to a new career in which you may feel happier and more comfortable.

When you finish the test, you will find the work you are more passionate about and that you find more satisfying.  You will find yourself doing the job you want, with less stress and more efficiency.

This will surely change your life in a very positive way, as you will be more active, creative, excited, and ready for any coming challenge. Your work will be more enjoyable and less boring.  Start the test now, and begin your true career.


If you heard your manager and one of your colleagues talking about you, which of the following words would flatter you if they used it to describe you?

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which of the following is the best description for your possible task planning?

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Do you feel happy when you are exposed to new working ways in your workplace?

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what would you say about having your work penetrated into your personal life?

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what do you usually like to do when you receive a new task?

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If you are to choose between working individually and working within a team, what would go for?

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If you are to elect a hero, who would s/he most likely be like?

superhero 534120 1280

If a project hasn’t gone well, how would you fix it?

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Which of the following is the best description for your work approach?

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which of the following is the best description of the kind of commitment you may have towards your work?

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what is your perfect status within a certain company?

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Do you think you have no problem overcoming stress?

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what class in school you had enjoyed the most?

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What career suits me the best? Career Aptitude Quiz
Manual work

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You like to work under the sun with dirty hands. You sanctify handiwork! Relying on your muscles and your hands to build things or come up with new ones is a source of satisfaction that ignorant people, who think that manual work is less valuable and less demanded in the labor market, have no idea about. Handiwork is very demanding at a physical level as well as a mental level. This is because it requires a lot of creativity and cleverness; especially if you have the appropriate job. A firefighter, a trucker, a construction worker are jobs that can fit you the most.
Service Industry

technical 2355871 1280

Based on your answers, we think you are a very sociable person who enjoys interacting with others and assisting them. You are easy-going, friendly, and polite. This can be very advantageous to you when looking for a job. Once you find the ideal one, you will be very comfortable and happy at it, and you will make others happy as well. Public relations, nurse, and sales can be the ideal jobs for you.
Creative practices

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You are a creative person who enjoys bringing his ideas to reality. Building, designing, or making new things is an indescribable joy for you. You are an independent person, and you have no problem working on your own and in your own way. You will make the things you want regardless of what can occur; because you are stubborn and you never give up! Musicians, advertising, and architecture, architects can be very good jobs for your personality.

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