Which Canadian province suits your personality?

There are many stereotypes about some Canadian provinces and the way Canadians live there their culture, and even the way they speak.

These preconceptions are frequently related to physical characteristics, and they may not be quite accurate and really typical of those people. In fact, we cannot be certain that all of the inhabitants of a certain Canadian region are the same, and that those stereotypes apply to them all. Each one has his own distinctive personality and unique ideology.

However, there are some characteristics that appear to be innate in some parts of Canada. These are usually related to geographic factors which play a significant role in shaping our attitudes, and beliefs.

The following quiz contains questions on how you would react in different situations. For instance, how would you react in difficult situations? Are you a sociable person or do you feel more comfortable when you are alone?

Such questions will help you discover new things about yourself, and see what Canadian region corresponds more to your responses. Let’s begin the quiz!


What do you usually wear in the morning as a second clothing piece?

woman 586185 1280

which topic do you usually prefer not to talk about?

businessman 3036181 1280

What makes you happy when you feel down?

liberty 2262513 1280

Have you ever predicted something before it happened?

weather 3169530 1280

In your opinion, which one of your friends or family members knows you very well?

comic 4388763 1280 1

What is your biggest weakness?

man 2037255 1280

you have an important meeting, but you won’t be able to attend it on time. What would you do?

character 4922312 1280

On your birthday, what do you expect your friends to say about you?

girls 1853958 1280

which famous Canadian inspires you the most?

lightbulb 1875247 1280

What aspects of your life people are most curious about?

i flip flap 184343 1280

Which Canadian province Matches Your Personality?
The West Coast is fit for you

bc 2297205 1280

Your personality perfectly matches the Canadian West Coast. You love being outdoors doing enjoyable activities such as surfing, enjoying a book on the beach, or spending great moments through a mountain trip. You are easy-going, and you respect others’ opinions and emotions. This is what your family and the closest persons to you appreciate more in you. Also, you are a great listener, something that helps you a lot in your personal as well as your professional life.
Canada’s Prairies suits you more

horses 5871847 1280

You share a special bond with the huge Canadian Prairie region. You strongly believe that working hard is a great solution to fix the majority of life issues. You are a dependable and a true-hearted person, and this is what distinguishes you from others in your community. Basically, you are not a fan of relaxation. You would rather do something fun and relaxing at the same time. So, that is why you always look for relevant activities.
Atlantic Canada is the best for you

lighthouse 6581129 1280

Based on the answers you provided, it seems that you are an extrovert who flourishes when surrounded by people; especially the closest ones to you. You are also a highly creative person whose artistic endeavors, regardless of their types (painting, drawing, etc.), give him a lot of energy. Your cheerful and sociable personality led us to the assumption that Atlantic Canada would be the best place for someone like you.

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