6 signs to detect immigration scam agencies

 5. Immigration scams websites

Creating delusive websites is another strategy adopted by immigration fraudsters.  They create pages that look true and original.

in order to make immigrants believe that they are authorized agencies and that they have a good reputation. They tend to 100% of the visa to various countries in the world. This tricks many immigrants and drives them into spending a lot of money waiting for fake services.

To avoid such problems that are not usually recognized at first glimpse, you’d better review the content, imperfect pages, and grammatical mistakes carefully on every website. Also, make sure that the logo of the company, the name, etc., is suitable.

And if you want to move to Canada, make sure that the lawyer in charge of the immigration is registered with Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC).

Bear in mind that trustworthy immigration agencies have their websites run with a protected domain for their clients.

4. Always verify every detail shared

This will enable you to affirmatively answer the following questions while talking to a trustworthy immigration agency:

  • Do you know what services you will get?
  • Do you understand the method of immigration?
  • Can you afford the fees?
Always verify every detail shared
  • Do you know who to contact, in case you need help?
  • Shall we look in more precisely at every aspect of these?
  • Should a credible immigration agency be transparent and give you full information?

3. Unclear explanation method of immigration

Most scam agencies adopt blurry methods in explaining how the process of immigration goes. They provide the client with unclear information.

which is clear evidence that they are scammers and not credible immigration agencies which usually start, before proceeding in the immigration process, by asking questions to see whether you are eligible to immigrate or not.

3. Unclear explanation method of immigration

Generally speaking, most immigration agencies would ask you to prepare some documents for your visa application; and this is quite normal.  However, if you feel like something is going wrong or you are not comfortable about some things that the agency may require.

the best thing that you can do is to report that agency to the police. This would help to stop the increasing number of these scam agencies and make the immigration process easier, simpler, and safer.

2. How to make sure the consultant is a member of the Canada Regulatory Council?

Actually, you just need to check the list on the Canada Regulatory Council website. If the consultant’s name is there, then he/she is a member of ICCRC.

All the consultants included in that list are legally eligible to stand up for their clients before Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration office, in conjunction with the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Here are the steps you need to follow to find the list of ICCRC legitimate consultants:

  1. Type: https://www.iccrc-crcic.ca on the search bar
  2. Choose the language that suits you
  3. Click on ‘Find a professional’
  4. Click on  ‘Search’
  5. Check RCIC and see the result you get

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